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The Cave Curve

You might want to look back over the article “The Cave” before reading this one.

This article will probably be understandable only to those who have been out there duking it out with anti-whites on the net, because it refers to the subtleties of TIMING.

You learn the critical nature of timing only when you are up against the other side.

There are several lessons about timing you take for granted with a little practice fighting with the Mantra.

The first is that anti-whites are only killing time until their Censor shows up.

One commenter pointed out that an anti-white said to him, “I thought this was already covered,” meaning doing away with the white race. He didn’t realize that what he meant was that he had never been in a situation where The Silence had not been imposed already.

Only when you get into action do you realize how critical timing is. Again, to begin with, your opponent is waiting for the censor to show up.

Secondly there is a very short window of information. One of the basics of sermonizing or lecturing is that what the speakers says must be 99% what the listener already knows and a maximum of 1% new information or a new twist on information.

Along with my preacher granddaddy’s rule of “The mind can only absorb what the seat can bear.” Photobucket
The difference between BUGS and Dave and Jared is whether this one percent of very limited time is used, 1) to blame it all on Jews; 2) to demonstrate that despite your racist conclusions you are a classy educated and sophisticated chap; or 3) to talk how they are joining in the genocide of your race.

In the cave I referred to the fact that I spend at least 99% of my time here describing the cave which is our present mindset. Then I use that 1% to introduce the world beyond the cave, from the spot where the cave curves out of sight.

By the time we get through with the cave and all the way out to the curve, our time is almost out.

One example, I explain to someone that Zoroastrianism was limited to Aryans, just a the original Olympics Oath included the words, “I swear I am of unmixed Hellenic blood…”

He then pointed to the web page for Modern Zoroastrianism, which started out with a statement that Today’s Z was for Everybody, regardless of race, creed or claws.

“How,” he said, “Could they have been limited to Aryans?”

I figured any real talk was hopeless, because he had just demonstrated that he was too dumb to read what was in front of him:

I said, “That proves my point.”

Anyone with a brain knows that no religion starts out its web page by saying that anyone can join it and give it money unless they have a specific reason for doing just that. It did not say, “Despite the fact that real Z was limited to Aryans…” it might as well have.

He couldn’t see what he had just read.

The 1% of discussion I had to get around the curve was used up. I might have said more, but he couldn’t absorb it.

Time beyond the curve is precious and very, very short.