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Convenient Data

One lesson I have repeated here is straight out of an interrogator’s note book:

Listen to the Silence.

When I have mentioned this to people, they always said, “Yes, I KNOW that.“

Then they go right on dribbling about what they were dribbling about before. I never had one single person who said he “knew” about the Silence to give me one single example of how he ever USED it.Photobucket

An interrogator must use the Silence all the time. More than once my contribution was “I can’t tell you WHAT happened but I can tell Where something happened.” When questioning I would keep a map in my mind and note what the person I was talking to kept away from.

So you can tell arguments the other side has lost by which ones they and respectable conservatives never mention.

Everybody says they also know about Just So history. So when the other side throws in some anti-white history, you know why they do it.

The big difference is I know BEFORE they do it.

When people say “Yes, I know all about that,” I instantly think about bovine droppings.

For example if you look at Wikipedia you will find that Zoroaster is from the “sixth century BC.” Actually, that idea was blown up many, many years ago. Organized religion and the whole ex oriente lux theory of history NEEDED Z to be sixth century.

This is because the first hard evidence of Jewish monotheism is from the seventh century BC. Since Persia, the land of Zoroastrianism, was Cyrus’s land, and Cyrus, among other things, rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem, it is rather obvious whence the Jews got their monotheism.

Hence Z is routinely put back six centuries.

So when someone quotes bad history or other facts’ tome, I often begin, not by correcting them, but by explaining WHY they want to believe that.

Once you learn how to anticipate Very Convenient Facts, you don’t need N&J any more.