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The Cave

Jason asked how I come up with so much to write about here.

My real problem is precisely the opposite.

In my mind I see myself a new tiger who has spent his life in the wild who is in a cage with tigers who were born and raised in the same cage and the cage has sat there in the same cave all their lives. The problem is not new things to talk to them aobut, the problem is to get them to understand the concept of that whole world out there.

All of my discussions have to begin at the bars. I have to explain, again and again, that beyond this cage there is a world. I must begin over and over and over by explaining how, if they ever walked outside, that there IS an outside.Photobucket

The world really doesn’t stop over there where the cave bends out of sight. There, where the cave bends, if the spot I must lead them first, in every article.

In every age, “intellectuals” have been paid to provide the cage. The cage has been the purely Biblical cosmology people were burned for violating. The cage now is a Mankind History into which every new discovery must be crammed.

I have seen the cage walls of Political Correctness at least since I read “The Cry and the Covenant” when I was not yet twelve. I was perfectly aware that when I went from Pontiac, SC, to the University at age sixteen, I was simply stepping out of one Bible Belt and into another.

The big difference was that the Bible Belt at the University had no idea it was a Bible Belt.

Its Bible, “sophistication,” was the real truly True Faith, not that fake True Faith the peasants had.

There is more to write about out here than I could do in a thousand lifetimes.

What I had to learn was how to go back again to the that turn in the cave wall which you in the cage cannot see beyond, whether that turn is your Bible or your college education. Believe me, finding places to look outside of the different Bible Belts is no problem at all.

The big stumbling block is that curve.