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News, Jews & Cognitive Suicide

“I get annoyed when I come here and all I hear is jews this, jews that, bla bla bla, yes the jews may control things, but this stuff is used against even those who support our cause, of which Jared Taylor is certainly one.” – Anonymous User 1 on Storefront

“Maybe he [Jared Taylor] is Jew wise but doesn’t say it, people here don’t realize talking about Jews controlling the world to average sleeping white will turn them off ever coming around to our way of thinking in the first place.” – Anonymous User 2 on Storefront

Many people see this, but none understand why this is, why disaffected whites don’t enjoy empty talk of All-Powerful Jews, why most whites DON’T and never will think “like us”.

Everything you ever need to know about the average white man’s relationship with White Nationalists is summed up right there in that first sentence. The average Joe doesn’t like to think of himself as inferior to ‘The Jews’, or anybody for that matter, so he tunes out as soon as they begin venting about how “Jews run this. Jews control that. Jews did it!”Photobucket

While some of it is obviously true, none of it motivates people to act, to advocate for their own future, to become pro-White. It will never play in Peoria. It never has.

When a person doesn’t believe in the premise you are asserting is the very reason they should act, you are going to play hell getting them to act in concert with you. Anti-whites know this and they would never dream of stopping any News and Jews pro from doing what they do best, just as they would never aid in advertising a mantra that leads to their demise. Anything nefarious takes place and WNs say, “It’s the Jews”. Anti-whites then say, “You see, another Nazi”. And the masses go right back to bed hoping to awaken far away from this nightmare touted as White Nationalist Race Realism (WNRR).

BUGS is the only pro-white outfit which routinely points this out. Needless to say, almost as if right on cue, Learned Elders and AMPWs always come roaring back in, “You’re ignoring the Truth. You are enabling The Jewish Evil Genius Conspiracy to continue with your denial of the Facts. YOU’RE AS BAD AS A JEW. JEW!”

No, dum dum. You are doing the anti-whites’ work for them. What does that say about you?

If there’s any legitimate criticism to be heard of Mr. Taylor, it’s his inability or unwillingness – I am unsure which one it is – to call the crime committed against our people what it truly is, genocide. Nobody asked us, JT – there was never a vote. So, it can’t be suicide. But again, the N&J crowd says the crux of it is, “Jews are more powerful and ingenious than whites. There is nothing we can do but to wake up whites to this Fact”. Then, in the same breath they turn around and insist Whites are superior in every imaginable way. Could they be any more contradictory?

Whites aren’t “sleeping”, guys. They just won’t listen to some beer swilling, thumb-sucking, couch potato telling them over and over and over about how Helpless they are, Hopeless it is, and Omnipotent and Omniscient the Jews are. This picture is consistently presented to EVERYBODY as a snapshot of The Movement while the most outspoken proponents whinge for their political viagra in the form of a Saviour.

Why would you want and ask for the help of a demographic you implicitly insist is worthless? It makes NO SENSE.

Whites are more likely to listen to a Taylor diatribe about “racial suicide” than they are to those drooling over Supreme Jewish Influence. While the former may be more palatable than the latter for most, both sets of logic are equally flawed. There’s a reason anti-whites will let you get away with making either argument anytime, anywhere.

Both are bullshit.