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The Unchangeable Faith

With history changing daily because of scientific advances and discoveries, let me point something out, as usual, that no one else ever mentions.

In a changing technology, every history of every science routinely discusses theories that were discredited by advances in the field being discussed.

Except PC Theology.

According to our accepted doctrine, no Politically Correct stand has ever been reversed because new discoveries made it obsolete. The Doctrine is exactly the same as it was half a century ago, a century ago.

Hence The Silence. When Political Correctness loses an argument, that argument disappears from the record. If anybody saw what the sophisticated, Politically Correct argument on heredity versus environment was in the 1950s, he would laugh their backside off.

Nothing was hereditary in the 1950s. Anyone who said that ANYTHING was hereditary was anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews, and the extent of this superstition would be hideously embarrassing to the our established faith.Photobucket

So nobody mentions it if he wants to make a living.

Also in the 1950s the very definition of “modern” was “Karl Marx” and the Webbs, founders of the British Labor Party. The British Labor Party was absolutely, and on every campus, The Wave of the Future.

Psychiatry, by which was meant Freudian psychiatry which depended entirely on talk, was the most modern of the moderns. Tests showed it had no effect whatever on actual cases, so the APA reacted by denouncing tests, the way teachers’ unions do today.

I’ve been here before.

Once again, let me repeat: We go along with The Silence. No one will ever know that the “modern” teachers’ union fight is just a repeat of psychiatrists’ fight against testing half a century ago.


Because of the Silence.

Mommy Professor has always been wrong about everything.

Mommy Professor makes himself look as childish and stupid as he is.

This is another vital function respectable conservatives perform for our established faith. They never mention all the other things our PC faith has been silly about. Not just wrong, but SILLY.

You cannot take down our established religion unless you EXPOSE in short, straight English.