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I Am Far From a Conservative, But I Still Use the Terminology As a Short Cut

One sure sign that a religion is ESTABLISHED is that all other points of view are seen as the same thing. So during the Inquisition, it really didn’t matter whether you were a Calvinist, an theist, or a Deist. All these categories, as important as they were to themselves, came in one brand, called “heretics.”

Exactly the same is true of our present established Faith. Everyone is not a Politically Correct is “on the right” or “conservative. The Only True Change is Cultural Marxism, so anyone who claims Real Progress is in any other direction if a heretic, just like the other heretics.Photobucket

So at the same time we outgrow this “conservative” orientation and go to “pro-white,” I am forced to use the old terminology. Otherwise I cannot describe over half a century of lessons I have learned without repeating everything I said above again and again.

Our established religion is not inventive. So everything they do they have done throughout my long, long political career. So I will often refer to how “liberals” use a certain tactic. I will not explain every time I do that. MY label has changed, but nothing they do ever changes.

I can give lots of specific examples of standard tactics used by established religion, whether I saw them in days when all opposition was “the right” or not.

So don’t get all tied up in trying to get off using the term “a liberal tactic.” If one doesn’t understand what I mean, he isn’t ready for BUGS. Our established faith uses the same old tactics against pro-white as it did against the entire world it named “conservative.”