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Big truth, little truth.

Anti-Mantra pro-Whites are stuck in a state of “truthism”. They think that if you keep on talking about all the little, often pointless, truths in the world, it will turn into one BIG truth.

That is silly. Millions of small truths don’t make a BIG truth.

The Mantra approach is the opposite of truthism. We know that there is only ONE truth that matters right NOW.

“911 truth” will not ensure our survival.Photobucket
“Jews own this” will not ensure our survival.
“Blacks commit more crime” will not ensure our survival.
“White people are better” will not ensure our survival.

The ONLY thing at this time that is exactly on point is the Mantra and its White Genocide message.

So please anti-mantra pro-Whites, stop with these little truths.

Small truth + Small truth = 2 Small truths. Not a big truth.



Perfection is a Closed System Concept

Many speakers will put forth a concept and then, right there in front of the audience, recite the formula:

“Is it perfect?”


I seem to be the only person to react by seeing this as a gross insult.

He is saying, “You will naturally ask, ‘Is it perfect?’”

No one above five years of age asks if anything is perfect.

It is like saying, “You are probably sitting there wondering what color your mother’s underwear is.”Photobucket

No one who has any idea of ever being an adult ever asks whether something on this earth is “perfect.”

In classical civilization “perfect” had a meaning, because there was a closed system. They did not think in terms of an undetermined, possibly limitless, future. They read old books and looked at art and discussed the Ideal, which meant whatever was closest to what artists aspired to in reproducing the human form or philosophers of each school declared to be the perfect life.

Our idea that in our ideal society future generations will invent for themselves never occurred to the Great Thinkers historians say were the basis of our present thinking.

As usual the silliest example of this sort of thinking comes from the World War II generation. Their idea of a Real Man, which I heard a thousand times, was someone who could make The Perfect Bed. They bragged that while us young folks didn’t know what Reality was, they did, because they learned in basic training how to make up their cot so tight that their heroic Sergeant could bounce a quarter on the sheets.

Thus equipped, they went bravely forth to The War.

So they fought the War for Freedom that put one third of the human race under Communism. Thus they were trained not to think, so this would never occur to them.

As Horus says, everybody but BUGS, pro-white or anti-white, thinks in closed system terms. Stormfront consists largely of fights between people who want everybody to be ideologically perfect. The nastiest part of Stormfront was traditionally the Christian pages. They even tried to get ME to moderate that crowd.

I’m dumb, but I ain’t crazy.

The thing about BUGS that is the hardest for people in this society to grasp is that what it is not is a hear-and-repeat business. Just as I am gladly building on Horus’ concept of a closed society, we build on each other’s ideas.

What we say about arguments depends entirely on whether they WORK or not. No Mantra critic ever talks to anyone but himself when he comments on strategy. In his closed little world, hit blockbuster arguments work perfectly every time.

So when Horus came up wit this open systems concept, my reaction was not, “Did that some from some famous philosopher?”

My reaction was, “Can we work with this concept?”

Damn right we can.