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2012 & The Mantra: What it Means for Jared Taylor and David Duke

Many BUGSters have expressed frustration over the esteemed Jared Taylor and the venerable Dr. Duke’s shared lack of enthusiasm about the Mantra. Only recently have we seen any indication that Batman and Robin might budge from their stalwart AMPW (Anti-Mantra Pro-White) position. They can fight over who gets to wear the bat costume later.

However, in the face of an entire race now begging for a messenger with a message and a sense of direction:

One won’t stop calling the crime committed against our race “racial suicide” while making certain he rarely mentions the Chosenites. The other has since stopped doing the former. Instead, he insists on declaring that “White genocide is Run by the JEWS.”

One is effectively saying there was some sort of vote where all white countries were afforded the opportunity to decide whether or not they wanted massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation, i.e. interracial sex, for their children. I guess I totally missed that evolution. The other is simply telling the audience that anti-whites get a free pass just so long as they are NOT The Jew.

But, that’s not enough for me. Like any “Angry, old white man” reeking of White Privilege in my early 30’s, I want more.

If they could just get together and talk, then maybe – just maybe – they could make a compromise between the two of them. Jared could stop calling it suicide and David might agree to stop saying EVERYTHING is the god-damned Jews.

We’d have two more BUGSters and a WHOLE heap of pro-whites on message.

As usual, I won’t hold my breath.