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Less Than Perfection

Words and institutions are concepts BUGSERS understand intuitively. Because we understand them intuitively we are able to laud and admire David Duke, Jared Taylor and others without the usual rush to judgment that is so common in most hard core fights.

When it comes to genuine HATRED (There is no such noun as Hate) Marx and Lenin spent a lot more of it on other Communists who disagreed with them than they did on aristocrats or capitalists.

Anyone who has spent a lifetime in political battles will have a lifetime full of doctrinal battles and organizations collapsing from them.

This is inevitable because in order to spread the word one needs an institution.

IF the word “institution” is fully understood, as soon as you make your first speech, you have your ideology AND, however protean, an Institution.

Horrors! BUGS is an institution! The difference is that we recognized that fact from the word go and work daily to be sure the institution doesn’t replace the message.Photobucket

And that is the problem: Not that it is an institution but that institutions routinely replace the message.

We may be the first pro-white group that could take advantage of the internet. It is hard to imagine the days when all national electric communication was in the hands of three networks and taxpayer supported PBS.

So we have an institution called the Internet.

The point is that I am in no position to denounce great men with healthy loyalties like Don and Jared. Yes, they have to yield to institutional imperatives.

But if you think Bob is some kind of Simon pure god, I’ll let you down easily.

Every time I sit at this keyboard, I have to yield to the institution.

My thought is not entirely what is the Message You NEED to Hear, but what message you might WANT. Above all, how much of those generations of what I have learned can I make clear at this particular sitting.

AND, how much of the message has so far been made clear already through this (shudder!) institution’s earlier writings. That’s how I figure out where to start.

BUGS is an institution developed with far, far FEWER institutional imperatives than David or Jared, or for that matter Bob had to deal with in the past.

If we are not to tear ourselves apart, AGAIN, it is critical to remember that we are not “pure,” while others are tainted by institutions and words.

David and Jared have developed institutions. As David and Don explained in his speech in Tennessee, his message has made him the one household name our movement has. They have a huge organization built up over many years.

We can start fresher, or at least fresher, then these established names.

But we are NOT perfection.