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From Promiseblog

I thought I would post this entry from Bob’s Old Blog.

It seems the dam is breaking. God love the torrent!

“I know politics very well. I do not look for a harbinger anywhere in the immediate wake of the realizing that America’s transition is done and that it

IS racial.

We got The Message out just in time. That job is still far from complete.”

Did Bob get the message out? This TruthCat may be hard to put bad in the bag, much less in the bath!!! Claws and fur!

“An old right-winger wrote me that the big question in politics is Socialism. A lot of old-timers are still stuck in that time warp.”Photobucket

This was my reply:

Maybe it is because I was an economics professor, but I don’t take economics as seriously as other people do.

I think white people tend towards capitalism for the same reason the Chinese invent things and do nothing with them while we make revolutions from

gunpowder and the printing press.

We make the printing press work. We get gunpowder and we end up on the moon. The free market is just something else that we make work.

You are pointing at economic ideas while America is turning brown. It doesn’t matter what economic or political theory a brown country says it believes

in, a brown country will be a tyranny and it will live in poverty the minute there are not enough white countries and white people to pull it out.

Simplistic isn’t it? Simplistic like supply and demand.”

Now for the direct parallel to Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter’s recent articles. Bravo you two, Mark and Ann! I hope you both can take a stand, and be