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Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” not only refers to a hit TV drama series, it originated in popular culture as a term for someone who reaches their personal breaking point for any number of reasons. Think ‘burning bridges’ on steroids. Everyone has a point of no return, but this is the I’m seeing red, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore type of inner rage. How you identify, harness and focus that energy is a determining factor in what kind of man you will become.

In “Just So History is A Hell of an Argument. It is Also Funny” Bob wrote “The main real reason people don’t use Mantra logic is because it violates their own self image.” I was able to overcome this fear-based problem. And if I can do it, so can Credentialed Intellectuals. It all starts with breaking down that which they hold in such high regard. From that framework we can begin to construct a warrior. That is BUGS’ business.Photobucket

Therefore, it’s too late in the game to be accepting excuses from anybody. It’s also too late to be accepting them for people we REALLY like and respect. One Anglo personality trait (defect?) shared by hundreds of millions of whites is that we try and make excuses for good people when they exhibit uncharacteristically bad behavior. Copping out with “The Mantra upsets my self image” is bad behavior, plain and simple.

This fight against genocide is not a damn fashion show. It’s not about ego. White Nationalist Race Realism (WNRR) and other subcategories of inefficacy, however, are a regular Five Boroughs Cat Walk. I want no part of it until they get REAL. But, you can’t get THERE from HERE if you don’t go through the hellish campaign anti-whites are waging against our race. So, we must confront the problem head on.

The anti-white establishment has spent BILLION$ upon billions on fracturing white community to the point where we don’t even trust our next-door-neighbors ‘to watch the kid’ or for a cup of sugar. BUGS is working overtime to reassemble those things that connected our people in the past. Mantra Thinking paints the BIGGER picture. This IS people on both ends of the spectrum having a hard time dealing with how things are looking.

They will twist, turn and try anything and everything at first before they are cornered by the simple truth we are waving in their faces. We don’t need to help them escape reality by making excuses for these mental contortions. The nasty bastards we call the Swarm don’t (or shouldn’t) care about violating someone’s self image or personal space if it’s worthless. Make them uncomfortable!

No wiggle room.

No excuses.

No retreat.

“Don’t forget to tip your waitress.”