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What BUGS Does Next is What It’s Done Before

I have mentioned many times that Mussolini almost missed the March on Rome that put him in power.

Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto because he thought the Paris Communes were the beginning of World Revolution.

Trotsky thought World Revolution was under way with the October Revolution in 1917. One reason Stalin beat Trotsky was because Old Joe was happy just to be the new Czar.

Hitler thought his best chance for power lay in the Putsch in 1923. Five years later the NSDAP was down to 250,000 votes in an electorate of around thirty million.

In the post-election realization of 2012, some of us are speculating on what the Republican Party should do.

No harm done. After sixty years of experience, the idea that Republicans will do anything but what they have done appeals to my sense of humor.

Mussolini was a master politician.

In 1921 if you had asked Mussolini the probability that he would simply join a march on Rome on his behalf and take over, he would have laughed in your face.

Which is why he almost missed the march.

Huey Long, who knew real politics like few ever have, said that being a political leader meant seeing which way the people were headed and getting in front. Which is good humor, but how do you know which way they’re heading?

Getting out in front doesn’t work. It is well known that those who took a stand early for American Independence were shoved out of the way completely when those who had remained respectable, like George Washington, took over the cause.

In 1932, right after the November election Germany, Time Magazine declared that it was “absolutely certain” that the Kaiser would be returned to power. In fact, Belgium had already made an official diplomatic protest at the idea.

Obviously this guy Hitler was just a cat’s paw for the other “monarchists.” The official experts had no idea that Hitler would not follow the Sam Adams precedent, and he would KEEP his Revolution for himself.

Mussolini had kept Italy’s King as his front. Hitler didn’t even bother with that.

I know politics very well. I do not look for a harbinger anywhere in the immediate wake of the realizing that America’s transition is done and that it IS racial.

We got The Message out just in time. That job is still far from complete.

But for God’s sake avoid hooking our wagon onto some movement or other. Our conservative days are over.

When the time comes, the vehicle will, too.