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The Alamo, The Hundred, and BUGS

Measuring how many people are on an Internet site reminds me of press reports of the number of people in a demonstration.

One demonstration I put together required for working people to rent buses and take off time from work. Many of them signed a list of their names and where they came from. About half did not get to the list, which was twenty thousand.

Press reports on the numbers marching depended on the paper. In the Washington Times I believe it was thirty thousand. The Washington Post advertised five thousand. Our press man offered to show them the list but they were naturally uninterested

So there are many figures for site readership, none of which I pretend to understand. I have a group putting out the message, which is all I care about.Photobucket

But one real BUGSER mentioned a petition for the White House, which needs 150 signatures for something. One was talking about our Russian petition.

If I remember correctly one commenter said that while almost two thousand new people had signed up for Stormfront, only a handful of them bothered to sign a petition. Lord knows I understand his frustration with Stormfront.. But I am also very tired of telling people about things and having them forgotten.

Even the Washington Post might admit we have thousands of readers.

Meanwhile our estimate of the number of people here who have ever bothered to put up the Mantra in any form anywhere varies from one hundred to the long hoped for three hundred.

I can’t see how anybody can READ what I write and not be warned of this.

After fifty years it has been clear me for a long time that a lot of people are willing to discuss the meaning of “Anglo” or “American,” but almost NOBODY does anything.

If you are only willing to hold the fort if everybody chips in, your cause is lost.

Remember the Alamo?