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Cults and Trash

One commenter said I am just like Jim Jones, and thank God we are not in Jonestown. I guess it would be Bobstown.

How many people would take an insult like that?

No one has even mentioned my discussion of the fact that after I wrote about Jewaholism and then wrote another argument, over seventy comments came in about Jews and Jewaholism and only one comment on the new article had anything to do with the new article.

I pointed out briefly that that was enormously insulting, but no one has mentioned it since.

It seems to me that insulting me is free of charge here.

Someone once called me white trash, and I pointed he had just proven I wasn’t. I pointed out that at that time in South Carolina, if he had called white trash white trash they would have pulled out their broad-bladed knife, which they opened with one hand, and slashed his face if he was lucky, his throat if he was not

Anything even vaguely approaching a Cult would make it fatal for a person to call me Jim Jones.

It doesn’t bother me. I expect a lot of silliness.

But if you’re going to learn to Mantra Think, you first have to be able to see reality.