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Children, Knock it Off!

This debate has gone on long enough.

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Threescore and Ten Part 3: The AARP Knows Its Politics

The nice thing about being totally out of the mainstream is that I have fascinating things to think about that everybody else misses.

As I said in my first two ”Threescore and Ten” articles, I knew what was going to happen by my early teens and, while all the professional commentators are breathlessly reporting what I could see as clearly as a play unfolding, I didn’t have to spend fling time talking to people who had to read the paper each morning to know what to talk about that day.

Once again, I have to assure that, while much of what I say comes out as ironic humor, and I like the fact that it sometimes entertains, I am not exaggerating at all. I am BORED by the news. It is either irrelevant or it is something I talked about fifty years ago.

So when someone wonders why any organization made up largely of relatively conservative old people like the AARP is hard left, I waste a little time out of courtesy explaining it to them and they forget it instantly and go listen to O’Reilly or The Only Other True Side.

I was special assistant to the Director of the Office of Personal Management, the crowd that runs the civil service. The AARP represents its membership, and its membership consists of old people, and I meant he whole generation of old people on The Only True Both Sides, who don’t give a damn what happens to younger people and never have.

So the AARP trades its endorsement for what my generation wants, which is a first world retirement.


As usual, no professional commentator will point that out, at least while the money and the votes are both heavily concentrated in that generation.

As usual, what I am saying sounds like a real jump, the way a good mechanic does when you take your car in for a problem of the engine overheating and he explains he has to replace the little connector box under your left foot, which happened to me.

Here it is: In 1932 Hoover was booted out of office in one of the major landslides of history. Mommy Professor tells you that is because the electorate changed its mind because of the Depression.

It sounds irrelevant but actually Hoover got more votes in 1932 than any presidential candidate in history, with the exception of Roosevelt that same year. The Depression did not make that many 1928 Hoover voters switch, it simply brought out a huge new mass of voters.

So the AARP looks to the gigantic brown masses who haven’t yet realized who is really exploiting them. Or rather, the AARP looks to the people who OWN that huge black and brown mass. They do not want a 1932 aimed at THEM.