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No, Things Don’t Just Get Better By Getting Worse

There is not the slightest hope that America is going resolve its deficit problems.

Even if politicians cut out every single program which Congress CAN cut, discretionary programs, the Federal budget is now overwhelmingly entitlements.

Like my pension.

You could cut out the military entirely and the entitlements would fill up the hole.

Nowadays when I don’t want to hear the usual tale of woe some other old person has about the debt problem or other declining things about our system, I just say, “We’re becoming a third world country. Everything is coming apart like it does in the third world.”

Oddly enough, that ends the discussion. I get silence for the while I need it to get out.

In the rest of the world’s terms, what we have is what all non-White countries have.

You learn to live with it. Brazil had an annual inflation of forty to one hundred percent every year for decades. It tooled right along.

Some colored money systems got stabilized by the first world. I have not paid any attention to international money since I got paid to. I hear a number of third world countries, brown countries in other words, were “stabilized” monetarily by white countries and Japan. This may include Brazil.

But the stabilizers are turning into Brazils.

My Brazilian Point is that a third world policy does not “Make money worthless” or “Cause an economic collapse.”

It does lead to things like five dollars a gallon for gas, but that is not a “catastrophe.”

It would have been a generation ago.

You see, what all those people who expect the whole thing to come crashing down never take into account is that “catastrophe” is a relative term. They keep talking News and Jews and look forward to the day when “Things get so bad that people won’t take them any more.”

But, like the prospect of five dollar a gallon gasoline and an ever steeper drop in the value of money, a third world country gets used to them.

In my youth, the idea of searching students for weapons routinely and drug dealers on campus were only dreamed of in a society where revolution was right around the corner.

In the meantime I have lived in a LOT of third world countries and watched nothing happen. Then I came back to a United States where everything had happened that everybody agreed COULDN’T happen, and it goes on along.

Things will get a LOT worse, but those who make their livings complaining about it, from liberals to Tea Party types, or those who are going to EXPOSE THE POWERS, will have the same jobs until they go to their graves.

There is no automatic mechanism for “Things get so bad that people HAVE to do something about it.”

Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes, won’t do a single thing on their own. Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes, WILL make it easier or even inevitable for team like ours to win.

But things getting worse will do nothing if all you do is breathless news stories and denounce Conspiracies.

Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes,

The old approach didn’t WORK and it WON’T WORK.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.