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A Winning Team is not Constructed, It DEVELOPS

GC6 had a report about an anti-white who said, “What is this neo Nazi crap that is going around, “’anti-Racist is code for anti white?’”

H. Avenger reported this and his take was that it showed how they are on the defensive, another person pointed out how they just HAVE to get that word “Nazi” in.

My big take on this was that, without prompting, that this Mantra crap was “going around.”

That is the point of a real seminar, different people have different takes, look at it from different, but educated, points of view. The result is that we see it on all sides.

Which is one reason no Leader and no Orthodoxy can do what BUGS can do. We do not want a torchlight parade or a crowd of morons waving “The Thoughts of Chairman Mao” in the air.

Your Coach wants a team.

I explained before that Alcoholics Anonymous works best because it was not based on a philosophy, it developed in the life and death world of alcoholics. A team develops in the game.

You called me Coach for many years, but that is turning out to be a very true description. It is easy for me to work with people who have been IN THE GAME (No, Brits, not a pun!).

In fact, with people who are in there fighting I can listen with respect and sometimes awe. But before you get in there and USE the Mantra it is very much like a Coach trying to talk football to a pure nerd — I was a nerd who played football.

Even the play plans made by someone who has not played the game often made no sense unless you could picture being on the spot where those position squared are in the map. In a game, a Coach often asks a lot more than he gets or commands. He needs to know specifics that would not occur to somebody who was not in the game.

“Is the defensive halfback in there?” Meaning is he actually active on defense or is he saving his energy for the his time on the offensive where he can be a hero? A player can tell that from ten yards away, by how much he reacts to their faking a run their way.

The point is that we are developing different observations here, and no Great Leader can do that. Each person is in his own position,. Each person knows what works for him and what doesn’t.

The observation “What is this neo Nazi crap that is going around, “’anti Racist is code for anti white?’” rings a bell for me, the one who has been in other games like this. We have reached the stage where someone on the other side asks what this is that is going around. I have been this way before, and practically nobody else anywhere has.

I know this approach works because I have done it before. The point at which someone definitely on the other side asks what is this that is going around, even the first faint sign of it, is a critical signal to me.

But that is my JOB on our team. That’s why the Old Guy is still useful.

But it is also important for someone to use this to reinforce the point about “Nazi.” Other commenters were hitting on how to handle the White Supremacist crap.

The basics can NEVER be emphasized too much by those who are IN THE GAME.

So another observation, more general, is that I observe from Comments 6 and 7 that we are steadily FORMING a team.