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Race and Asymptosis

An asymptote is a line where the number gets nearer and nearer zero but never reaches it. A downward geometric progression produces an asymptote in a diagram: half is closer to zero than one, half of that is a quarter and is closer to zero, and so on. You never reach zero.

Brown immigrants to a white country can live very much on the same level as whites. But each brown person also makes up part of the new country. The problem is that the influences of brown skinned people continue unabated. The standards set by the originally white country set a huge barrier on the country’s downward movement. But that barrier on downward movement is asymptotic.

The basic genetic factor of an increasing brown population is genetic. It remains level. So, as we have observed in America and Western Europe, formerly white countries become more and more like colored countries.

This is a basic calculus concept. People think in arithmetic terms.

What is particularly confusing to the arithmetic mindset is that we are not going exactly DOWN.


The white ruled world was advancing rapidly. For one who thinks arithmetically it is easy to see this as proof that the colored increase has not hurt anything.

So it is impossible to explain to a libertarian that the increase in wages for a brown person who crosses the American borders is not a free good.

The immigrant is passing from a brown-ruled land to a white-ruled land so his wages quadruple. The libertarian thinks this increased wage is a free good.

As I pointed out thirty years ago in an economics seminar and a major book, “Mexico is poor because it is populated by Mexicans.”

As the American population becomes more third world, the first thing that happens is that its rate of progress drops. That is simple REAL mathematics.

That decrese has already gone to the rate of stagnation.

Soon this reality will not be hidden behind asymptosis. We will actually begin the obvious DECLINE toward brown world, aka, third world status.