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Thanks, Troops!

A True Leader is not fond of surprises.

I, on the other hand, love them.

I had no idea what the title “contributor” here meant until someone complained about it.

I love “contributor” precisely because I didn’t come up with it. You attain the status of Contributor when Bob uses your comment as a lead article.

A Leader would probably be amused at his troops deciding independently on a title like this. They are not following his Lead.

I see it very differently. From what I can see, Contributor amounts to your being proud that Bob Whitaker decided to use your piece as a fine contribution to the discussion. It is very hard for me to take that as an insult. A True Leader could see such anarchic activity as a lack of discipline.

I, on the other hand, am flattered. Totally unbeknownst to me, you decided that I was handing out titles. In all honesty, my ego says you are exactly right.

I always had the reputation, not of being a Leader, but as one Who Made Things Happen. I cannot compare myself to Real Leader.

My entire reason for action is based on the question, “Would this have happened without me?” Hence “Whitaker is a man who makes things happen.”

But the point here is that things don’t just happen. What I do is to make YOU do things.

The obvious point is that I slowly developed the Mantra and faithfully spent years finding people who would not just use it, but develop ways to use it.

This is lot like being an arsonist in the enemy’s back yard. People always called me “dangerous” and they were correct, but they never figured out why.

The Norman invasion of England was typically Nordic. It was not a giant assemblage of slaves and hired soldiers by an Eastern Monarch. It was a joint venture to conquer England, and each person in it had a contract for what he would get out of it if they won.

He had a good idea what his part would be if they lost.

Making things happen involves a life of uncertainty. I can easily sympathize with those who might prefer to have someone up front who is absolutely confident he is the one person who can dictate The Perfect Direction.

Hell, if we could find somebody like that I would turn the whole shebang over to him in a heartbeat.

My problem is that I have watched confident leaders for almost six decades, and it has been downhill all the way.

Looking at Whitakeronline each day over fourteen yeas, I have very often seen the whole has been changed and updated. If I wanted to know why these changes took place, I could ask. I just go ahead and write my own articles.Photobucket

It is a treat for me to read your debates about how to fight the fight and debate techniques. It is a major delight for me to see what White Rabbit is ramming down their throats this week.

You cannot imagine the thrill I get from realizing that these things happen because of what I did.

Making Things Happen means that, no matter how long it took or how frustrated I got, the spark has finally got the fire going.

Thank you.