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Anti-Whites Can’t Deal With Pros on the Pro-White Side.

 photo casper_zps11b715cf.jpgI have mentioned many times that my Populist Forum, which did press conferences and arranged for thousands to of Boston Southies and West Virginians to march in Washington, was so effective that some media joined the official Communist Daily World in denouncing us as “a huge, heavily financed organization.”

Actually there were three of us and we had no bank account.

It interests me that no commenter seems to remember that so no one has Pointed out that what is happening to BUGS is the same thing. We are suddenly a huge secret conspiracy, exposed by our enemies in hushed tones.

This was the enemy’s response when the Forum suddenly popped up to replace paycheck conservatives they could handle, and anti-whites have the same reaction to facing serious pros on the pro-whites side.



Anything Old May Be New Again

 photo evt101208192400116_zpsf68bdafa.jpgThe thinking of a paycheck political commentator and a practical interrogator is absolutely opposite.

The moment anti-whites or leftists begin making fun of an argument or a label, paycheck types abandon it. One guy’s openly anti-white organization was named Race Traitors: “Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity.”

Paycheck types have abandoned the term “treason,” largely because the other side has repeated it with a sneer.

An interrogator’s reaction would be precisely the opposite: “Why are they so afraid of the word ‘treason’ that they put its abandonment as a first priority?”

Everything old is new again. Look for the words that scare them most.



The Gitsby Rule

A council of war is under way. General Ridgeway says that it will begin with an artillery barrage. General Gitsby says, “Artillery barrage, artillery barrage. We are always doing artillery barrages!

“I was reading an enemy publication and it says we are just stuck on artillery barrages. They say it is making us look ridiculous. We don’t want to look ridiculous, so I say we send all our artillery back for scrap metal.” photo colhall_zpsa28b2f73.jpg

Such a statement would immediately cause Gitsby’s fellow warriors to conclude that the responsibility has really gotten to him, and they would recommend that he be retired immediately.

But the Gitsby Approach is the way the paycheck right chooses its leaders. When the paychecks stumble onto an argument that is really simple, effective and unanswerable because it is obviously true, the left simply sneers at it and the paychecks abandon it.

I have mentioned this repeatedly and gotten no comments on it:
“When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” is true and effective. But all the anti-gun crowd had to do was have somebody fashionable like Christopher Hitchens say, “These hicks are going to use the old refrain that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

This instantly causes every respectable conservative publication to stop it just as it caused Gitsby to want to scrap his artillery. The only difference is that Gitsby would be retired, while a respectable conservative or most TOO types would get promoted for it.

The army that retires Gitsby has an excellent chance of winning. An army that promotes Gitsby for throwing away his artillery to be respectable is doomed.



Controlling the Revolution We Cause

Sam Adams had a lot to do with making the American Revolution happen, but his cousin John became president. The man who had most to do with bringing on independence (and NAMED the United States) was Thomas Paine, and he nearly starved during the war and got nothing from the United States. photo adamss_zps807d9023.jpg

Practically nobody knows who named the United States or the critical importance of Paine’s Common Sense in bringing on independence.

And another overwhelming fact about the realities of the Revolution, the American Army never again performed as well against the British, even when it had combat trained Continentals, as the Forces of Massachusetts did before Washington took over.
While many pro-whites spend a lot of energy weeping about how powerful and deeply entrenched anti-whites are, almost nobody sees what the real lesson is. BUGS has made astounding gains if, and only if, we take the reality of the sheer power of the anti-whites into account. Lots of people bemoan the power balance but almost no one sees how much we have done with so little.

I mentioned in the last article how we have changed the debate. Practically nobody starts to argue with us the way they used to, by saying “I can’t be anti-white because I’m white.”

This change is so minor nobody notices it, but it is stupendous. It means that the entire titanic power and numbers of our enemies has been affected by the Mantra.

Seeing this is critical, because if we are going to take over we are not going to measure anything by amateur means. We cannot make the mistake of measuring our power the way amateurs do.

Washington became Commander in Chief so Washington caused the Revolution and Washington won the Revolution. That is the way that the paycheck types view power politics.

If BUGSERS follow me closely they will take power and paychecks as they should.

Please note that the lesson of the American Revolution has been learned by no one, example, the last Russian Revolution. In that not a single dissident has gotten any more power or position from the Revolution they caused than did Sam Adams or Thomas Paine.

No, you will have to do less mind wandering and more disciplined thinking about what I tell you if you are to have the revolution we want. Otherwise you will follow the usual route and lose control of the results.



Is Morality Self Hatred?

One remark in a traditional Oriental exchange when business men met was the standard asking about the wife: “How is the flower of your household?”

The husband would reply: “That pig is in good health.”

The whole exchange consisted of one man asking about the other and in each case one would praise the other highly and each would reply in terms which consisted of modesty gone berserk. It is considered polite to put yourself down and compliment everything about the other person.

Whenever we deal with foreign countries, it is considered polite, when all else is equal, to praise the other country.
This can be overdone. It has been overdone to the point of a fatal societal disease. That is why it is so important that we emphasize how bad treason is. photo dorian_zpse55f32d5.jpg

Over the years I have noted a great change in anti-white whites’ reply to the Mantra. When the Mantra began to be used, fully half of the time it was answered first with the words, “But I am white.” This reply has all but disappeared. This is an enormously important signal. It means that, even if they haven’t seen the Mantra directly, our tiny crew has had enough effect on the entire country that “anti-white” is no longer justified by “I am white.”

At the same time, it is important for us to realize that this is where this anti-white disease began. Mommy Professor makes denouncing one’s own people sound like the highest possible virtue. This is one reason I warn against “traditional values.” For almost two thousand years the highest virtue has been self-hatred and self torture. We are just now looking closely enough to notice how Christianity came to regard self-torture as a higher good than helping others.

The result has been a society which treasures self-hatred. If you don’t understand where anti-whites came from you don’t know your own history.